The Weary World Rejoices Christmas Collection

I want to share my heart behind this new Christmas collection.

I wasn’t planning on a new collection this year, but I have had such a strong feeling of this message (hope and the weary world rejoicing) I needed to share right now. This season. This year. The weariness and realities of living in this strange time and in this broken world we are in is when this message is needed most.

Are you ready to celebrate something beautiful? This is greatest news the world has ever seen! This weary world has a great reason to rejoice. We have hope through the gift of a baby, Jesus. The birth of our Savior. Our source of hope will not disappoint. He can heal the weary world.

Much intention and heart has gone into this collection. Remembering the peace, love and hope that only HE can bring to our weary world. The backgrounds are all from my original paintings. Each full of beautiful, layered goodness that adds wonderful depth to each piece. The collection is created in a neutral palette. A neutral palette does not mean boring though, it means these pieces can easily integrate into your home decor as timeless pieces of art. They are beautiful on their own or easy to mix and match.

I wanted to create meaningful art that would speak to your heart and that would be a good fit for your own home and style. My hope is this art will warm your heart, bring you hope and joy, and feel like home to you. ♡