united cross

$ 75.00

God has woven your paths together. uniting you in marriage, with Christ at the center of your lives together.

i find it incredibly powerful to see God’s encouragement reflected creatively and beautifully in my home. not only for my family, but for anyone coming into our home. by His grace. for His glory.

this is a one of a kind, hand painted, hand lettered wooden cross by Jennifer Ueckert. it is 15" x 18.5" x 3/4". wonderful layers of rich color and pattern peak through one another, creating an incredible depth to each hand made piece. 

acrylic and watercolor. hand lettering. white painted sides and back. hanger on back.

colors may vary slightly because of monitor. * original design by StudioJRU * ©StudioJRU the purchase of this art does not transfer reproduction rights. all rights reserved.

any questions, please ask!