Welcome, happy you are here for some beautiful art prints! You just never know what you will find... I came across some older prints in folders while working in my studio. So we are having another $8 print sale!

Many of these prints were printed outside of my studio. Some are giclee, some are printed on photograph paper. Most were printed before I switched to using all one kind of paper. There are a couple that are more "blue" than the "blue-green" I wanted, and some happen to be one off prints, but they are still are beautiful!

Please read instructions below.

Most prints are $8, accept for the larger ones. Images below are photos of the prints, under each image is the quantity I have of that given print and the size. These are pictures of the prints, so there are some shadows, lighting wasn't the best. The prints will look better than the photos. 

Most prints are 8x8 or 8x10. I have one off size and a few 12x12. 

This sale is first come first serve. 

Please reply to the email that sent you here, (or direct message me in instagram, if that is the way you found this salestating which print or prints you want. I will work through the emails and messages in the order they are received.

I will make a listing specific to you, then message the purchase link to you.

I ask that you make the purchase soon after receiving your listing link because there may be a next person in line. (Contact me if there is a reason you can't complete your order right away.)

I will do my best to update the images as prints are paid for so you know what is and isn't available.


* If you are interested, there are still some prints left from the first sale you can look at here...


2 - FUTURE HOPE - 12X12  $18 (Giclee print)


2 - HEART - 12X12  $18 (Giclee print)
(shadow in the image is not on the print)


1 - PROVERBS 31 - 12X12  $16 (photographic print)
(glare in the image is not on the print)


0 - DREAMS - 9 1/2 X 7 1/2  $8 (fine art print)


3 - ROOTED - 8x10  $8 (art print)


0 - APPROVE - 8x10  $8 (art print)


2 - KNOWN - 8x10  $8 (fine art print)


6 - NOBLE - 8x10  $8 (photographic print)


5 - GOOD NEWS - 8x8  $8 (photographic print)


3 - THANK GOD - 8x8  $8 (photographic print)


5 - WORD BECAME FLESH - 8x8  $8 (photographic print)


5 - FAMILY BELIEVES - 8x8  $8 (photographic print)


1 - PERFECT - 8x8  $8 (photographic print)


7 - PEACE - 8x8  $8 (photographic print)


6 - APPLE - 8x8  $8 (photographic print)


3 - ALWAYS WITH US - 8x8  $8 (metalic photographic print)


1 - BEAUTY - 8x8  $8 (photographic print)


0 - JOY - 8x8  $8 (art print)


0 - GOD WITH US - 8x8  $8 (fine art print)