"Beautiful and professional work! Your art is so perfect, durable and timeless. Items have stood the test of time after several years of dusting and cleaning. They still look as fabulous as the day I purchased them. Amazing quality! Beautiful pieces. You have a great skill Jen!" ~Amanda Schwarz {Amanda's framing}


"I have six Studio JRU pieces in my home and have given several as gifts. Each one is so beautiful and admired, handcrafted with love and care. I always look forward to seeing the inspired new designs as they become available!" ~Jo Grotelueschen


"Today I received the print that I ordered from you! It's perfect and I know it will bless and encourage my friend who is battling breast cancer. Thank you for sharing your artistic God-given gift with the world! This won't be my last purchase." ~Analiese


"I finally got my desk set up for my radio show! My favorite part? That lovely picture in the center of the wall. I found it to be deeply moving from the first moment I saw it. When you think about it, that one simple word — known — says so much about who God is and what our relationships is to him. I am so inspired every time I look at my wall. I highly recommend this as a decoration for your house, or as a gift for someone special!" {The Jennifer Fulwiler Show - SiriusXM} ~Jennifer Fulwiler


 "I love the custom piece you made for me! You were very easy to work with, good communication and quick service. Plus, you're such an inspiration with your daily posts. You have a lifetime follower in me." ~Tammy Demoreuille


"I purchased the By His Grace piece, wrapped on canvas and couldn't be more pleased! The colors are vibrant and beautiful, along with a great font for the text. Stunning!" ~Denise


"I will gladly share that my customer experience has been superb. You work so well with me, and everything I have ordered has come in a timely manner packaged to perfection with each piece of art in mint condition. God truly has used your work to bless several of my friends and family in a remarkable way!" ~Tonya


"My first piece that I purchased was the wood block Proverbs 3:5-6 for a friend's birthday. The online photo was a perfect picture. The colors were vibrant and varied making a beautiful gift. I later purchased the paper print of "There is always hope" for a male friend going through some hard times. I loved the way the wood look appeared on paper. Unique and beautiful. I purchased the paper print of eucharisteo and paired it with a unique bluish wood frame that accents the colors perfectly. Again, the colors and appearance of texture on paper are gorgeous! Finally, I purchased the paper print of "In quietness and trust is your strength." I didn't have a specific person or even in mind when I bought it, but it's sitting on my dresser waiting to go to a friend's house tonight for a housewarming gift. I love the uniqueness of your work, Jen, in color, design, and texture. It's the perfect gift!" ~Alicia Walter


"All the pieces that I have bought have been perfect. A lot of love and care goes into each piece. Very satisfying." ~Nancy Ueckert


"The cross for my daughter arrived and it is even more beautiful in person!! I am so excited and know she will love it. Thank you again and I know we will be ordering again soon!" ~Elizabeth


"I've been looking for something to put up in our boys' playroom acknowledging how they came to us without it being over-the-top. The statement that "God gave me you" is so simple and so true. The designs and details of this little piece are as beautiful as my boys' stories are." ~Sarah


"Your painting arrived yesterday. It is more beautiful than the pictures online. I love it so much! Looking at it and thinking about it encourages me. Even now, as I get ready for my day, the thought that I am known: my feelings, what my day will hold, my struggles, my joys, even my sins, and knowing I am still loved brings a smile to my face and peace to my heart. Thank you so much!" ~Lori


"We paused to take this for you just now. Sending you love and gratitude for who Jesus is in you and through you" ~Jeri Taira


"Enjoying this beautiful art work. Psalm 121 has always been a favorite psalm of mine. I once prayed this psalm over and over again in my early thirties when I was going through a difficult season. God answered my prayer at that time and when I see this psalm or read it in my Bible it reminds me of God's faithfulness to me. ~JoAnn


"I have had the pleasure of working with this artist. As a Christian, I was looking for a gift that spoke to the receiver. God sent this artist to me as the first piece I asked her to make was for my grieving brother after the sudden death of his wife. The next piece was for a wedding gift. Her work is God breathed in my opinion. A lot of love was put into both pieces I purchased. The work is impeccable. Communication is swift and delivery is prompt. I would highly recommend this artist!!" ~Donna Burkhead


"I just received my second custom piece from Jennifer and I love it. She's SO easy to work with and communicates promptly to make sure I'm getting exactly what I want. I couldn't ask for more and I highly recommend her. If you don't follow Jennifer's fb page and blog, I encourage you to do so. She's a constant source of support and encouragement." ~Tammy