Lord, please be my guide

hi friends! it has certainly been a while and i wanted you to all know i am still here! :) thank you for your kindness. i am so grateful for the messages checking in on me. i am blessed to know you care and support me.

honestly, i have been in a long and at times, difficult season with my health. not anything i had planned for at all. it started as a bulging disc in my lower back and after months of pain and therapy, just when i was getting better… it turned into a herniated disc involving the nerves. to avoid surgery, it has been a slow, painful process of recovery. and then i started having some other health issues and difficulties, all of which we are still trying to get figured out. {Lord, please be my guide.} i have a great doctor that is being super helpful. hopefully things will be figured out so i can be on the path to better health soon.

so… during all of this… creativity has been a struggle.

at first i wanted to try and keep up with creating and the business side of things, including social media. but it just wasn’t in my heart. other things needed to take a back seat so i could completely focus on my health. it was a relief to make the decision to just let it go. i was so worried all the work i had done to build a community and customers would all be lost. through lots of praying, {Lord, please be my guide.}, i was able to let those worries go to focus on other things. really, the break has been nice.

at times i haven’t even been sure i wanted to get back into the stress that is running a small business as an artist. it is hard to try and compete to make sales. and i don’t like that term “compete”, but you know what i mean. you have to stay busy and active on social media to be seen and get your art out there. that takes a lot of time and heart. when you heart isn’t in it, it shows. and i didn’t want to be putting my work out in that way.

my plan right now for this winter, is to grow a project i have had in mind for a while. {Lord, please be my guide.} through all of the not feeling well, this was something that i have actually had excitement for. it will take some time to come together, but i know it will be worth it in the end. lots of new things. new looks. all of which i can not wait to share with you! so as things get going with that, as long as i am feeling better, i will start to be active on facebook and instagram again in the new year.

but for now… i wanted you to know that my shop is still open!

i would be more than happy and thankful to send some new art to you. i have lots of great art to decorate your homes for winter and Christmas. i have lots of great art that make perfect Christmas gifts! each, i hope, a pretty reminder of how special this Christmas season is.

i am going to be running a special for this busy shopping week as well. and if you sign up for my newsletter, you will get a little something extra and a bit more time for shopping!

thank you, friends. with the Lord as my guide, i am excited to serve Him through my art in in new ways this year ahead!