you asked - business and layers


ashley asks... first, what inspired you to open your own small business? second, how does the painting process work? it looks like layers of color.

and ginger... yes, her second question....without divulging trade secrets, of course.

what inspired me to open a small business…

you may or may not know that my husband had a brain aneurysm and brain surgery shortly after we were first married. because of this, he was retired from the military and we moved back to nebraska where we were both from. my love of art, along with the want and need to be able to help my husband with his needs and appointments, made working from home as an artist perfect for me. i like to call it our ‘plan b’. we had planned for a life long career in the military, that was not meant to be. so starting my own business selling my art became the new plan.

how does the painting process work. it looks like layers of colors…

well that is exactly what it is! layers and layers and layers. i love working on wooden canvas. i find i need the sturdiness the wood provides that traditional canvas would not. so that is where the layers begin. i love the depth and feeling and interest of layers. just like how each of us are made in an amazing, intricate way. we are each built of layers and experiences, all which are part of His journey for us. my painting process reflects the beauty of layers. some of which peak through and some are covered up. but no matter if you see them or not, they are part of the whole just from being there.

 laura asks... how did you develop your business relationship with dayspring? do you have any tips for other small business owners they can use to develop those business connections?

that was a total God thing! i had just started on online shop with artfire, when some of my original paintings were purchased. shortly after i was contacted by the purchasers... a couple of ladies telling me about (in)courage and how they were starting this amazing new adventure. they wanted me to be one of the contributors of original work. and while it did not work for the group of us to continue with creating handmade things for their site, we stayed on as contributors to (in)courage. i love the work i do there and i love the people i come to know because of it.

and let me tell you... i am still working on developing business connections. i don't think that is something that ever ends. i am always looking for new connections and ways to work with people. it is certainly not easy and takes a commitment to pursuing. i am just going to continue to put myself out there. be friendly. be real. and hope more opportunities are found!

i hope you are enjoying this q&a series. if you missed the first post, you can find it here. i will continue to answer a few questions in each post. if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!