the enough collection

i am so happy to introduce you to my newest collection… enough.

i have been working on this collection for a while now. it started with the painting. i wanted to do something different with the colors. a fun, multi-colored palette. painted with lots of layers. colors peeking through here and there. patterns peeking through here and there. working this way reminds me of the layers He has created us with. each experience so important. each layer, good and bad, creating our story.

before the painting was even finished, i had the word ‘enough’ in my heart for this piece.

inspired by my word, i wanted to do more. so i used pieces of the painting to create a collection of prints with the theme of ‘enough’. He is our rock. He is always with us. we are loved. His grace is sufficient. we are showered with grace.

this is the first time i have such an extensive collection behind one painting. and it was so much fun! the original is a great size at 12x16. there are prints as large as 11x14 and 12x12 all the way down to a couple of 5x7 pieces.

so this is my heart behind this collection… enough.

in this world where there can be so much uncertainty, so much heartache, so many struggles, we can hold on to this truth... He is enough. He is more than enough. we don’t have to know everything, we don’t have to understand everything, we don’t have to do it alone. He is all we need. He is faithful and He is good. He is loving. eyes on Him. lean in and stay close. rest in Him. trust Him. He is enough.

i hope you enjoyed hearing the meaning behind this collection. i hope it encourages you in your journey… as well as brings some beauty to your day and to your home.